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Help Fund Excluded Workers in New York

DESIS RISING UP AND MOVING: We will continue the fight to fully Fund Excluded Workers! Thousands of eligible New Yorkers are being shut out from the fund. NY must boost the fund. Stay connected to organizations like DRUM to join the fight and stay informed about next steps. In the News:  New York Set Aside $2.1 Billion for Undocumented Workers. It Isn’t Enough. The Fund Excluded Workers Coalition is calling on Gov. Hochul and NYS Legislature to add $3 billion to the fund to cover workers who have been shut out from the fund.

Visit the Fund Excluded Workers Resource Page here!

Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

NCAPA Statement on Senate Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill –  Washington, DC— The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA), National Director, Gregg Orton issued the following statement after the Senate voted 69-30 to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. The bill makes key investments in public transit, broadband access, environmental remediation, and more.

“The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) applauds the passage of President Biden’s historic infrastructure bill. As this legislation advances, we are hopeful this bill will strengthen communities across the country, especially those who’ve been impacted the hardest by the pandemic. 

“From our coalition’s previous meetings with President Biden, the Administration has been incredibly receptive to the needs of the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community. Whether it’s broadband access, electrifying transportation to reduce the negative impact on the climate, or securing our power grid, these important investments have the ability to drastically improve the lives of every American, especially in disadvantaged communities. We urge the Administration to commit these investments, and others laid out in the bill, to underserved AANHPI communities as well as the millions in disadvantaged communities across the country.”

APIAVote Applauds Senate’s Passage of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill – Washington, DC –  Christine Chen, Executive Director of Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote, issued the following statement after the United States Senate overwhelmingly passed the Investment and Jobs Act, a bipartisan infrastructure spending bill to expand the nation’s broadband, rebuild roads and bridges, and more.

“The Senate’s passage of the Investment and Jobs Act today, otherwise known as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, is a great step for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities all across the country. Many communities of color, including Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, live in neighborhoods with crumbling roads and bridges, aging public transportation, environmental crises, and more. This bill makes historic investments into reversing course and re-building our nation’s infrastructure, all while creating thousands of jobs and improving the localities in which we live.

“Additionally, we are pleased with this bill’s historic investments into broadband. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many in our community had to start working from home, going to school online, and getting healthcare through telehealth services. It is even how many in our communities registered to vote, apply for absentee ballots, and learn about candidates and the issues –– especially for those with limited English proficiency. As a result, the importance of reliable high-speed internet is arguably more important now than ever, and so is the importance of closing the digital divide existing in AAPI communities. The Investment and Jobs Act will invest $65 billion to ensure this divide is closed, and our communities no longer face unacceptable barriers to success in the modern world. 

“The Senate’s passage of this bill is not only a historic investment into our country’s infrastructure, but it is also an example of how members of both parties can come together and work for the people. In a highly polarized political climate, AAPIs want a government that produces results for our communities. We urge the House of Representatives to promptly pass this legislation, and show that our government remains able to deliver for our communities.”

OCA Applauds Senate Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – Washington, D.C. — OCA-Asian Pacific Advocates, a national member-driven organization dedicated to empowering Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, applauded the U.S. Senate on Tuesday following passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“Communities of color–including millions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders–have been burdened by pollution, aging public transportation, and lack of reliable access to broadband service for more than a generation,” said OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates National President Linda Ng. “This bipartisan legislation includes much-needed investments in our infrastructure that will support AAPI families and grow our economy in a way that benefits everyone.”

“We are pleased that the package contains historic levels of funding for broadband infrastructure, which will help to provide affordable high-speed internet to underserved communities,” said OCA Deputy Executive Director Thu Nguyen. “Many AAPIs–and particularly Pacific Islanders–still face unacceptable barriers to access, depriving them of key education, health and socioeconomic opportunities. Today’s vote is a critical step forward to closing the digital divide, and we urge the House to swiftly take up the Senate bill.”



Support Workers’ Rights and Labor Organizing

As workers are standing up for their benefits and rights, various community organizations have been advocating for immigrant, essential, and/or excluded workers during the pandemic and the pandemic recovery. Read more about some of the campaigns and news on workers’ rights and labor organizing coming from our Shared Liberation Network Partners and how you can get involved below:

DRUM – Desis Rising Up & Moving will continue the fight to fully Fund Excluded Workers! Thousands of eligible New Yorkers are being shut out from the fund. NY must boost the fund. Stay connected to organizations like DRUM to join the fight and stay informed about next steps.  In the News: New York Set Aside $2.1 Billion for Undocumented Workers. It Isn’t Enough – DRUM leader Afshana was featured in NYT article about the Excluded Workers Fund. Excluded workers like Afshana who have been shut out from the fund they fought for are calling on Governor Kathy Hochul to expand the fund by $3 billion! The Fund Excluded Workers Coalition is calling on Gov. Hochul and NYS Legislature to add $3 billion to the fund to cover workers who have been shut out from the fund. Visit their Excluded Workers Fund Resource page for more information.

Justice for Muslims Collective – Muslim Immigrant Workers of Washington, DC Exihibit –  Muslim immigrant workers are essential workers who remain an integral part of the backbone of Washington, D.C. In late 2020 and early 2021, we conducted oral and visual histories of five Muslim immigrant workers through the DC Oral History Collaborative for inclusion in the city’s official records. These interviews focus on how the workers are treated at their workplace, the obstacles and discrimination they face, and their journeys of joining and participating in labor movements. We have excerpted passages from these interviews and organized them into the following exhibit themes. Please continue supporting Muslim workers by considering a donation to the Muslim Workers Fund. The fund provides direct support to community members in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area who were directly impacted by COVID-19. With your contribution, the fund is able to continue its mission to serve our essential workers in their time of need.  

JMC COVID 19 Townhall with Workers – JMC also held their first public event and townhall on the impact of COVID19 on Muslim communities based on their report on the impact of COVID19 that you can read here. During the townhall, they discussed the findings from the report, heard from community members, and shared information about their new fund that is open for essential workers here.

Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) is a nonprofit that educates, organizes and empowers the low-income and working class immigrant Chinese community in San Francisco to demand better living and working conditions and justice for all people. CPA has been organizing with workers in San Francisco’s Chinese immigrant community since the 1970s. CPA’s Tenant Worker Center programs include wage theft case support, hospitality job training program, community education and outreach, grassroots leadership development and policy advocacy. Read about how workers at a popular Chinatown restaurant won $1.61 Million in a massive wage theft settlement.

Southeast Asian Freedom Network – SEAFN – Last week (AUGUST 2021), the Senate approved a $3.5 billion budget resolution that included a pathway to citizenship for dreamers, farmworkers, TPS holders and essential workers. As the budget reconciliation moves forward, we must make sure we reject any criminalization of our communities.


Asian Pacific Islander Equity Budget in California

NBC Asian America: ‘Historic investment’: California allocates millions to fight anti-Asian hate

“The Asian Pacific Islander Equity budget, approved Monday [July 12, 2021] by Gov. Gavin Newsom, gives $156 million to community groups to tackle the root causes of racism.”

“California’s new $100 billion spending bill, which Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Monday, includes a $156 million investment in noncarceral alternatives to combatting violence against Asian Americans, who make up 16 percent of the state’s population.”

“Developed by the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, the Asian Pacific Islander Equity Budget allocates the money over a three-year period to a host of victim support, mental health and educational resources to tackle the root causes of anti-Asian racism. The victim-centered solutions covered by the proposal stand in contrast to the recent federal hate crimes legislation, which bolstered law enforcement response to anti-Asian violence.”

“Endorsed by more than 150 Asian American groups, this plan is one of the largest commitments in the state’s history to address the needs of Asian Americans. Two-thirds of the package, around $110 million, will be distributed to community-based organizations so they can provide resources to victims of hate incidents. Other grants will cover the cost of legal, health care and mental health services, as well as outreach and public safety programs, such as civilian foot patrols to protect seniors.”



Help Increase Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

Take action today by keeping your community informed and safe with the COVID-19 vaccine, public health guidelines, and relief efforts! Our network partners have been engaging in community outreach and education on accessing COVID-19 relief and vaccinations and are looking for community members who can help others schedule their vaccine appointments, provide in-language services, and combat vaccine misinformation and myths. Check out some of the campaigns below that highlight volunteer opportunities:

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon has complied a list of compiled BIPOC specific clinics in Oregon. Help a neighbor schedule their vaccine appointment at apano.org/vaccine-info

Center for Pan Asian Community Services – Help beat COVID-19 by continuing to social distance and getting vaccinated! By following these tips, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. Help others find the nearest vaccine location near them at www.vaccines.gov. 

As communities of color have been the most devastated by COVID-19, Filipino Advocates for Justice have been outreaching to Alameda County (California) voters and nonvoters to provide in-language accessibility to ensure that our communities are getting the assistance they deserve. There have been deep inequities in COVID-19 vaccine rollout and this outreach program aims to inform our communities of their options and give them access and assistance in getting vaccinated.

Freedom Inc – With the potential for a spike in evictions this summer as the eviction moratorium expires, Madison Tenant Power and Freedom Inc. are pairing up to raise funds to help folks stay in their homes or find new, better housing! These funds will be used for security deposits and other critical housing funds so that more of our community members to have safe housing for themselves and their families. Funds will be distributed by Freedom Inc. Please give as generously as you can, and please share the campaign!

If you live in Fresno or Sacramento County, please join Hmong Innovating Politics’ Hmong COVID-19 Vaccine Network. HIP knows that trying to track down a COVID-19 vaccine has been difficult for so many in our community and they are committed to helping you and your family get vaccinated and navigate the various steps in order to get there. Watch HIP’s COVID-19 Summer Updates video here.

North Carolina Asian Americans Together NCAAT wants to hear from community members in North Carolina! They are looking for folks who have had any experiences and/or issues (Mental health, stigma, financial issues, racism/xenophobia, or others) with accessing healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic that identify as an Asian American from an underserved group in North Carolina. NCAAT’s goal is to gather disaggregated data in the form of your experiences that will lead to us having the necessary and improved data to advocate for more resources and funding. 

VietLead – It is important that our community have adequate access to the COVID-19 vaccine. VietLead’s Health team is really excited to help bring the vaccine and vaccine education to our community in language! VietLead is in need of volunteers to do phonebanking. We need YOU to help with vaccine outreach this summer, in order to debunk myths about the vaccine and share information about how to get it through our pharmacy partners. Sign up to volunteer here!


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Stop Asian Hate: Together, We Can Make a Difference

We must act now. Support the AAPI Community Fund to uplift and protect Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The following provides resources to different organizations that uplift the AAPI community.

Fundraisers for AAPI Justice

Help the families and individuals affected by attacks against the AAPI community, ranging from vandalism and stealing to violence.
Take action by donating or sharing the verified fundraisers on this page, or by donating to the AAPI Community Fund, supporting AAPI organizations.

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justice aapi community

Click here to support more AAPI fundraisers for justice.

Fundraisers for AAPI safety

Help AAPI communities regain their sense of security with safety devices, increased protection efforts, and more. Take action by donating or sharing the verified fundraisers on this page or by donating to the AAPI Community Fund supporting various verified organizations.

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aapi safety

Click here to support more fundraiser for AAPI safety.

Fundraisers to uplift the AAPI community

Support various AAPI efforts determined to increase awareness around inequalities, create solutions, and inspire hope within the community.Take action by donating or sharing the verified fundraisers on this page or by donating to the AAPI Community Fund, supporting various AAPI organizations.

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uplift aapi

Click here for fundraisers that uplift the AAPI community.

Fundraisers for AAPI Neighborhoods

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) neighborhoods have been struggling to survive since the beginning of COVID-19. Take action to revitalize and preserve AAPI culture in your local community by donating or sharing the verified fundraisers on this page, or by donating to the general fund supporting various AAPI organizations.

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Click here for fundraiser for AAPI neighborhoods.

Restoration of COFA Medicaid Access in COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

AAPI community leaders have praised the passage of the coronavirus relief bill (December 2020) that includes Medicaid access for Pacific Islanders, specifically for the Compact of Free Association (COFA) communities (citizens of the Marshall Islands, Palau and Micronesia) that have been most impacted by COVID-19. This is a historic decision would revise and fix a drafting mistake from the 1996 welfare reform bill that excluded health care from Medicaid for the COFA community. 

The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) released a statement applauding the restoration of COFA Medicaid access in the stimulus bill. Tavae Samuelu, Executive Director of Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC), said: “Medicaid restoration has been a decades long fight, one that began at the moment of exclusion. I’m grateful to the COFA leaders who’ve been some of the most impacted by COVID-19 and continue to be at the helm of caring for our communities.” Read NCAPA’s full statement here.

Support Community Building and Mobilization in 2021

As 2020 comes to an end, we are reflecting on the monumental advocacy and community organizing that took place to address anti-AAPI racism, increase allyship and solidarity with other communities of color, respond to the socioeconomic and health challenges during COVID-19, and encourage voter participation and increase AAPI representation in the 2020 elections. As we continue to build power and fight for an equitable recovery in 2021, there are many ways you can help support our network partners and contribute to their community outreach and engagement services, programming, and campaigns. Here are some of our network partner campaigns you can support:

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon: “At APANO, we will continue to cultivate that strength, connection, and care in 2021 as we heal, rebuild, and create the future our communities deserve. In 2021, APANO will continue to respond to community needs as we have done throughout this year. We have distributed over $1 million in relief including meals to BIPOC households, gift cards to community members, and grants to API-owned small businesses. Amidst it all, we continue to build the power of Asian and Pacific Islander leaders and communities. We have shown up for each other in this difficult year, and we will need to do so in 2021 as we recover and reimagine our world. While we understand that giving may be challenging this year, if you are able, please make a year-end gift to help APANO support, mobilize, and nourish our community.” Donate to our Grassroots Asian Environmental Leadership Fund now to support our organizing in 2022 and beyond.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network: “Since 1993, we’ve been building deep roots in California’s Asian immigrant and refugee communities. From cultural events like Rice & Water Festival in Richmond to our annual International Women’s Day event in Chinatown, we work year-round to build community in working-class immigrant and refugee neighborhoods across the East Bay. Our communities sustain our cultures and our families. And if there’s one thing this year has shown us, it is that we all depend on each other — on strong, resilient communities — for our health, our wellbeing, and our survival. This #GivingTuesday, build community in working-class Asian immigrant and refugee neighborhoods across California by donating to APEN. We need to raise $10,000 by the end of the year to power our community organizing in 2021 and beyond. Will you help us reach our goal? Donate now at donate.apen4ej.org/EOY or please SHARE if you are unable to donate at the moment!” 

Chinese for Affirmative Action: “As 2020 comes to an end, CAA’s mission to build a multiracial democracy is more important than ever. This year, there are several ways for folks to demonstrate their support. Whether you make a direct donation at givedirect.org/caa/donate2020 or finish your holiday shopping on smile.amazon.com [and select CAA as your charity of choice], this is your chance to join us in championing civil rights, education equity, immigrant justice, and more.”

Chinese Progressive Association of San Francisco: “With rapid shifts in the political and economic landscapes, we’re expanding our capacity and doubling down on civic engagement and political education with our base, lifting up their voices in advocating for economic and racial justice! We know we need all of us to keep each other safe, protected, and thriving. Together, you can be a part of our movement to shape the future of our communities.” Contribute at https://bit.ly/3q4o3zg

The Coalition of Asian American Leaders: “An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. A group of one thousand origami paper cranes (折鶴, orizuru) held together by strings has come to stand as a universal symbol of hope and healing. At the end of a tumultuous year heightened by natural disasters, COVID-19, and civil unrest, CAAL launches its month-long #PaperCraneWish campaign from December 1 – December 31, 2020 as a much needed symbol of hope. Every crane you fold brings us one step closer to our year-end fundraising goal of $20,000 to support our fight for a more equitable and just future.” To make a donation today and learn more about this campaign, visit www.caalmn.org/papercranewish

CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities: “It’s been a chaotic time, but also a time full of openings and charged with energy. Throughout the pandemic, CAAAV has been organizing our communities both virtually and on the ground to build grassroots tenant power! And we know that despite what happens, the future is ours to build. We need to imagine a world in which local elected officials are actually accountable to the people. In 2021, we will continue to build militancy within our membership to stop eviction, fight for full funding in public housing, and for the cancellation of rent. Can you help us continue the fight in 2021? Donate now to our The Future is Ours To Build fundraiser! Every dollar supports organized working-class people and the fight for a more equitable New York City.”

Support Community Organizing and Power during COVID-19

Despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic have raised, our network partners have adapted and continued to organize and respond to the changing needs of their community members with their community outreach and engagement services, programming, and campaigns.

As our communities of working-class immigrant and undocumented workers and families grapple with the impacts of the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, which will continue to grow into a social, health, and economic crisis, Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM) has launched the “Building Power & Safety Through Solidarity” Campaign. Offering what they have learned in hopes that other communities will find it useful as they organize, this campaign provides a practical, accessible, and participatory program for building community power while also meeting the material needs of frontline communities that have been under-resourced and targeted by policies of neglect and destruction. Contribute to the “Building Power & Safety Through Solidarity” Campaign by donating to the Campaign & Leadership Development and Emergency Direct Aid Funds

Amid incidents of anti-Asian racism and discrimination during COVID-19, Asian Americans Advancing Justice have launched https://www.standagainsthatred.org/ to document hate and to educate about the environment of hate around the country. By reporting and tracking incidents of anti-Asian racism, you will be aiding the efforts of Advancing Justice and other advocates to monitor hate incidents across the country. By sharing what you experienced or witnessed, you can educate the public, empower others, show service providers where help is needed, and strengthen advocacy efforts for hate crimes response and prevention.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network is collecting donations for their COVID-19 Emergency Community Stabilization Fund. This fund would make sure that the working class Asian immigrants and refugees in our communities have what they need to stay home and stay healthy during this pandemic as inadequate federal and state government assistance has not been enough. Along with supporting our AAPI communities, we must also continue to raise awareness and funds for AAPI nonprofits. Seeking aid to provide general operating support, emergency cash assistance, care packages, and youth programming, Mekong NYC has joined the historic #GiveinMay campaign. Read more about how Mekong NYC is responding to the impact of COVID-19 on low-income Southeast Asian community members in the Bronx and how you can support their efforts here.


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Public Charge Update

Public Charge: The Trump administration’s proposed Public Charge rule would make it easier for the federal government to deny legal status to immigrants who might apply for public assistance, an exclusionary regulation intended to create a defacto legal wall to keep immigrants out and rig the system against children, elders, people who are lower income, limited English and those who have medical conditions or with disabilities. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southern District of New York (SDNY) just ruled for a temporary nationwide injunction halting the enforcement of Public Charge as, “actions taken by the federal government were not enough to ensure that immigrants, wary of federal immigration actions, would not be dissuaded from seeking medical care” (read more about the injunction here). Learn more about how to get involved here: https://www.onenationaapi.com/about-the-campaign.

Read Chinese for Affirmative Action’s Press Release on Federal Judge George B. Daniels’s decision to halt the implementation of expanded Public Charge rules. Annette Wong, Director of Programs at CAA reflected, “Trump’s public charge policies are inhumane and indecent, relegating immigrants into the shadows and fearful of immigration consequences when accessing public benefits. Rather than addressing the health crisis, the Trump administration has continued to use the pandemic as an opportunity to scapegoat and exclude immigrants.” Community members who have questions about how you might be impacted by public charge are encouraged to contact CAA’s Immigrant Rights program at 415.761.3222 for general inquiry and legal referrals. For more information on what is Public Charge, how it is determined, and key points you should know, please refer to Chinese for Affirmative Action’s document here: http://ow.ly/YS9m50yfTUB