Southeast Asian Freedom Network

  The Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN) is a national collective of Southeast Asian grassroots groups working towards radical and transformational change led by those most impacted by systemic injustice. The leadership of SEAFN span seven grassroots organizations from across

Cia Siab, Inc.

Cia Siab, Inc. works to build a culturally vibrant Hmoob community by providing holistic and culturally specific services with an emphasis on Hmoob language revitalization. The vision of Cia Siab, Inc. is to build a culturally vibrant Hmoob community. We

Freedom, Inc.

Freedom, Inc. creates healthy communities in Dade County, Wisconsin by campaigning against the root causes of violence, creating its own definitions of identity and resiliency, and empowering all community members as agents of change. As a Black and Southeast Asian non-profit