Asian Americans Emerge as Force in US Politics | Voice of America

Asian Americans Emerge as Force in US Politics | Voice of America – by Elizabeth Lee

Since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law, removing barriers preventing African Americans from voting, the face of the American voter has gradually changed. During the 2020 elections, Asian Americans flexed their political muscle in presidential and congressional races, contributing to a record voter turnout across the nation.

Demographers and other experts say Asian Americans will steadily grow into a dominant force in American politics. “Asian Americans have really come into prominence as a new electoral force to be reckoned with,” said Sara Sadhwani, a senior researcher for AAPI Data.

The turnout of Asian American voters hit a historic high of nearly 60% in 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  By a margin of 68% to 28%, Asian Americans voted for Democrat Joe Biden over incumbent President Donald Trump, according to an election eve poll organized by the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Civic Engagement Fund and 21 other organizations.

“Over the last several election cycles, what we’ve seen is Asian Americans have veered more and more towards the Democratic Party, and certainly that was the case in 2020 as well,” Sadhwani said.

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#MinneAsianStories 2021: Beyond the Myths & Monolith

This spring, in an effort to reclaim our own narratives, we invited our community members to share stories and creative reflections with us that reflect on this current moment and the ups and downs of this past year (there have been so many!).

Stay tuned below as we release our 2021 storytelling campaign throughout the month of May, as we share stories and experiences from the community. We hope that this brings us closer to a world where we control the headlines written about us and our collective understanding of what it means to be Asian Minnesota expands beyond the myths and monolith.

Stop Asian Hate~ VAYLA

For Immediate Release: March 20, 2020
Contact: Ellen Lu, Program Coordinator,

New Orleans, LA – Earlier this week, the current White House Administration double-downed on Sinophobic rhetoric regarding COVID-19. The name “COVID-19” was chosen specifically to maintain public discussion without stigma during a global public health crisis. By referring to the virus as anything other than its designated name (“Chinese virus,” “kung flu,” et al.), the nation’s leaders are eliciting further violence against the Asian American community when we must all practice social responsibility.

“This is a time of crisis and tension for all of our communities, but for Asian American communities and the Vietnamese community in New Orleans, it is an especially triggering time. We come from a diaspora that has survived despite war, colonization, environmental catastrophes, and limited access. Our focus should be on saving lives and building solidarity as we continue to share resources. Words have power. And phrases like ‘Chinese virus’ or ‘Kung-Flu’ to refer to COVID-19 affect our community and their safety while perpetuating anti-Asian sentiments. We call on the President, elected officials and all our leaders to set an example for all Americans.” said Jacqueline Thanh, Executive Director of VAYLA New Orleans.

VAYLA joins the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans and more than 260 other organizations in urging congressional leaders to publicly denounce the increase in racist attacks and discrimination against the Asian American community, in the wake of COVID-19. VAYLA encourages the President and elected officials to do the same.

Stand up against discrimination so we can ensure our most vulnerable young people, elders, patients, medical care providers, store clerks, and all community members are able to access the help they need. Together we must denounce discrimination. #VirusesDontDiscriminate

Report any incidents of hate using
Donate to our Emergency Relief Fund for undocumented folks and non-citizens at

CAAL & HPHA Report – Press Release

For Immediate Release: March 15, 2021
Contact: Julia Gay, | (216) 744-4956

New COVID-19 Report Shows Disproportionate COVID-19 Mortality Rates in Minnesota’s Asian Community

St. Paul, Minnesota – The Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) and Hmong Public Health Association (HPHA) released a new groundbreaking report, A Race to Close the Disproportionate COVID-19 Mortality Rates in Minnesota’s Asian Community, highlighting preliminary data on COVID-19 mortality rates among Asian Minnesotans. The findings draw attention to the disproportionate COVID-19 mortality rates among Hmong, Karen, Karenni community members, and affirm the community’s concerns about the inequities many predicted would exist for this population. CAAL and HPHA hope this report urges policy-makers to use and publish more disaggregated health data related to COVID-19 infections and mortality.

Download the Press Release Statement here.

CAAL & HPHA Report: A Race to Close the Disproportionate COVID-19 Death Rates in Minnesota’s Asian Community

This report is written for policy makers, healthcare providers, and systems, and community leaders to provide insights and recommendations that can immediately improve ongoing efforts to address COVID-19 infections, prevent further deaths, and ensure that future prevention strategies are responsive and relevant when serving Asian Minnesotans. This report uses preliminary data on COVID-19 mortality rates among Asian Minnesotans. It draws attention to the disproportionate number of COVID-19 mortality rates among Hmong, Karen, and Karenni residents to demonstrate the critical importance of data disaggregation.

Download the report here.

SikhCoalition: Joint Statement from Eight Indianapolis-Area Gurdwaras Following Fedex Facility Shooting


Joint Statement from Eight Indianapolis-Area Gurdwaras Following Fed-ex Facility Shooting

“April 17, 2021 (Indianapolis, IN) — The following statement was released by representatives of eight Indianapolis-area gurdwaras, or Sikh houses of worship, including Gurdwara Gur Nanak Darbar (Plainfield), Gurdwara Guru Nanak Sikh Society (Raymond), Gurdwara Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib (Greenwood), Gurdwara Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis (Acton), Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar (Fishers), Gurdwara Sri Guru Granth Sahib Society (McCordsville), Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Indianapolis), and Sikh Society of Indianapolis…”

Asian Minnesota Alliance for Justice: CAAL Response

This event is hosted by the Asian Minnesotan Alliance for Justice (AMAJ), a collective of Asian American organizations dedicated to fighting for solidarity and justice in MN. The events in Georgia last week were devastating to our community. In the last year, and particularly the last few months, we have seen an increase in attacks and violence directed towards Asian American communities around the United States. This includes attacks targeting our elderly in Asian communities, it includes verbal and physical harassment in public and private spaces, includes 33 Vietnamese community members who were just deported by ICE, and it includes the deaths of Christian Hall and Angelo Quinto, who were recently killed by the police. This is all anti-Asian hate and violence. Our communities are in pain and looking for support. This moment demands all of us, as Minnesotans, to come together to think critically about the moment we are in and move us towards a place of healing and justice.

  • Join us for a public community event to hear from leaders and community members about what has been occurring in Minnesota and nationwide, hear from victims of hate, and work together with us to take action against violence and hate.
  • Speakers include U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, MDHR Commissioner Rebecca Lucero, CAAL Network & Executive Director Bo Thao-Urabe, and others

Honoring the Lives Lost in Atlanta.


To our non-Asian allies, we urge you to take action against anti-Asian violence and hate. #StopAsianHate…

Posted by Coalition of Asian American Leaders – CAAL on Thursday, March 18, 2021

Dear CAAL Leaders,

We are devastated by yesterday’s horrific mass shooting in Georgia, where a gunman shot and killed…

Posted by Coalition of Asian American Leaders – CAAL on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Communities Rally Against Anti-Asian Violence

“Love Our People, Heal Our Communities” Cross-Cultural Healing Events took place in Oakland and San Francisco

San Francisco & Oakland, CA — “In response to the recent surge in COVID-19 related violence against Asian American communities throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the Coalition for Community Safety and Justice (CCSJ) in San Francisco joined forces with a coalition of organizations in Oakland to organize two parallel Days of Action this past weekend, both entitled “Love Our People, Heal Our Communities.”

On the first weekend of the Lunar New Year, and a few days after more than 70 Asian American organizations issued a press statement condemning the violence, these two events brought together a multiracial and multigenerational coalition to stand against racism, xenophobia, and violence, and to offer space for healing the grief and pain that Asian communities feel in light of recent events.

Together, they called for community-centered solutions to keep diverse communities safe. These include culturally-competent multilingual victim services, cross-racial education and dialogue, prevention-based programs (such as community patrols), and more.”

Read the rest of the statement here.


  • Asian Organizations Across the Bay Area Join Forces to Demand Action Against Violence: Click here for more information.
    Yamuna Hopwood, Communications Manager; 415-274-6760 x319 (English); Jin Xia Niu, Chinese Language Media Specialist; 415-274-6760 x313 (English, Mandarin)
  • For those who wish to contribute to victims and survivors, please visit here.
  • CAA Responds to the Attacks in Atlanta Area

Both the Oakland and San Francisco events were also live-streamed to Facebook with ASL interpretation, where more than 300 people tuned in. The Oakland event can be viewed here and the San Francisco event here.


CAPI USA: Organizations Representing Asian American Communities Across the Nation and Allies Release Statement Rejecting Criminalization and Retribution, and Call for Responses Addressing the Root Causes of Racial Violence

Organizations Representing Asian American Communities Across the Nation and Allies Release Statement Rejecting Criminalization and Retribution, and Call for Responses Addressing the Root Causes of Racial Violence:

“SAN FRANCISCO, CA (February 17, 2021) — As a national network of local and national Asian American organizations and individuals that convened in the wake of the pandemic a year ago, we have been working together to share best practices and lessons learned from responding to anti-Asian violence.

We are horrified by the continuing acts of violence against members of our Asian American communities across the country, from New York to Oakland’s Chinatown. We stand in solidarity with the survivors, victims, and their families during this challenging moment, when fear accompanies even the most basic daily experiences. We all deserve to live without the threat of violence and to feel safe in our neighborhoods.

True safety for all must come in the form of investment and resources, not punitive measures that create division and reinforce our criminal justice system’s discriminatory structures. Many grassroots Asian American organizations, including some who are part of this network, have worked for decades as part of multiracial efforts to secure such resources for all of our communities…” Read more of the statement here.


Statement from Asian American organizations in the Bay Area

From @18million Rising, “Call on Me, Not the Cops” in Asian languages:

From APANO: A Resource Guide for AAPI Anti-HateActivists,Victims and Survivors of Hate

From Advancing Justice – AAJC and Hollaback! Bystander Intervention Training:

From Vision Change Win: Community Safety Toolkit

Hate Reporting Sites:

CAAAV Condemns Atlanta Shooting

“We are enraged and saddened by the news of a white man opening fire and killing 8 people, including six Asian women, in Atlanta, Georgia. These acts are immeasurably violent, but we know that the rhetoric and deep histories of white supremacy, imperialism, patriarchy, and racial capitalism are the poisonous soil in which these violent ideologies and acts grow.

Within our neighborhoods, working class, immigrant, women, trans/queer, and precarious workers face violence from a capitalist system set up to use us for profit. We must keep working in risky jobs and living in unsafe conditions despite deadly health risks during a global pandemic, a lack of language access, and even under threats of violence. Often this violence even extends into our homes with threats, precarity, or abuse from a landlord, partner, or family members.

Rarely do public institutions and government care about what happens to us. They think of our well-being as an afterthought. They speak pretty words but fail to give us what we need. In many cases, these institutions contribute to our harm. We know that Asian, Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities face the same threats, and that these forces against us grow more powerful when we fight against each other. We know the murdered women will be scrutinized by those unfamiliar with their situation for their profession and judged as sex workers. Nobody should be put at risk of death – from white supremacist violence or a global pandemic – simply for surviving in racial capitalism.

These conditions are why we must fight and organize for resources to make our lives safer. We respond to anti-Asian violence by organizing with our neighbors to fight for true safety for the working class every single day – safe housing, dignified work and the right to live without fear.

In Solidarity,
CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities”