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To Us & Ours: An Asian American Feminist Collection

This collection of writing emerges from the 2021 Asian American Feminist Writing Workshop hosted by Kundiman and the Asian American Feminist Collective. This workshop fostered a space for writers to explore how the unique histories and themes of Asian American feminism influences their own work.

Table of Contents:

Dandelion Spell (For Safety), Ching-In Chen
Wakashu and Lost Traditions, Sam Nakahira
To the Daughters of War, Victoria Huynh
Fig Tree, MAT
Nightswimming in August, Alyssa Mae Cruz
Masturbation, Pleasure & Feminist Politics, Fatema Haque
To May, Linda Sachiko Morris
We Have Names, danny ryu
I’m a Public School Teacher and I Spent $500 to Take a Bath and Cry, Shivani Davé
Work at TheCompany!, Anne Cong-Huyen
Preserves, Amanda Nava
Undoc Letters, goeun
Rain Pollen Fossil Record, Aishvarya Arora
Untitled, Jas Perry
Life & Pain, A Compilation, Erme Maula
Pandemic Diary, Joy Chen
My Brother Tells Me Why I Love Q-Tips, Ashna Ali
Everything Beautiful, In Its Time, Hairol Ma
Flowers for the Living, Flowers for the Dead, Promiti Islam

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