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Asian Feminist Writing Workshop | Writings

In 2021, the inaugural Feminist Writing Workshop was organized by Kundiman in collaboration with the Asian American Feminist Collective to foster a safe space for writers to explore the unique history of Asian American feminist writing and how it influences their own work.

Kundiman is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing generations of writers and readers of Asian American Literature. The Asian American Feminist Collective engages in intersectional feminist politics grounded within our communities, including those whose backgrounds encompass East, Southeast, and South Asian, Pacific Islander, multi-ethnic and diasporic Asian identities. Through public events and resources, AAFC seek to provide spaces for identity exploration, political education, community building, and advocacy.

The Workshop’s syllabus, assigned readings, and curriculum are available online at this link. Following the Workshop’s conclusion, the cohort published To Us & Ours: An Asian American Feminist Collection. This collection of writing is available for download at this link. See below for the table of contents.

Table of Contents:

Dandelion Spell (For Safety), Ching-In Chen
Wakashu and Lost Traditions, Sam Nakahira
To the Daughters of War, Victoria Huynh
Fig Tree, MAT
Nightswimming in August, Alyssa Mae Cruz
Masturbation, Pleasure & Feminist Politics, Fatema Haque
To May, Linda Sachiko Morris
We Have Names, danny ryu
I’m a Public School Teacher and I Spent $500 to Take a Bath and Cry, Shivani Davé
Work at TheCompany!, Anne Cong-Huyen
Preserves, Amanda Nava
Undoc Letters, goeun
Rain Pollen Fossil Record, Aishvarya Arora
Untitled, Jas Perry
Life & Pain, A Compilation, Erme Maula
Pandemic Diary, Joy Chen
My Brother Tells Me Why I Love Q-Tips, Ashna Ali
Everything Beautiful, In Its Time, Hairol Ma
Flowers for the Living, Flowers for the Dead, Promiti Islam