The Lens Reflected: What Stories & Storytellers Get the Green Light in Documentary's Streaming Age?

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CMSI | Report on Representation and Documentary Filmmaking

The Lens Reflected is an independent research project of the Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI), under the Center’s Documentary Power Research Institute. It specifically examines race, gender, and topics in documentary films between 2014 and 2020.

Under the direction of Principal Investigator Caty Borum and Lead Researcher Paula Weissman, the CMSI research team for this study included David Conrad-Pérez, Aras Coskuntuncel, Kimberly Reason, L Cedeño Miller, and Natacha Yazbeckl. CMSI’s Varsha Ramani served as operations director and publication manager. Olivia Klaus created the report design. The study was shaped and facilitated in collaboration with Sonya Childress (Co-Director, Color Congress) and Ani Mercedes (Founder/CEO, Looky Looky Pictures).

Read the report below.