I am not your scape goat bus stop poster

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Stop AAPI Hate | The Blame Game: How Political Rhetoric Inflames Anti-Asian Scapegoating

Released during the 2022 midterm elections, this report by Stop AAPI Hate analyzed the harms of scapegoating on Asian and Asian American communities. Spotlighting how political rhetoric has been consistently employed, over decades, to hurt Asian communities, this report also emphasizes the contemporary anti-Chinese rhetoric which results in the targeting of Asian Americans.

The report finds that perpetrators of hate acts towards Asian and Asian Americans are repeating rhetoric they hear from candidates and and elected officials blaming China for public health crises, for economic downturns and for national security concerns. Subsequently, it offers recommendations for political candidates, community groups, and individuals who want to put an end to this alarming trend.

Read the report below. As a part of the report’s release, Stop AAPI Hate co-founders were joined by Representatives Judy Chu and Grace Meng, and Executive Director of the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund EunSook Lee at a press conference to discuss how candidates can engage in discussions about foreign countries and communities of color without harming the people they are intending to represent. Watch a recording here.