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Talking to Kids About Police Brutality: A Community Resource List

 Talking to kids about police brutality and anti-Black racism: Resources for parents, caregivers, teachers, and community (originally written in 2016, updated in 2020)

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“As radical childcare collectives, we join the millions who are heartbroken and horrified at the continuing examples in a long history of state violence against people of color, and specifically, against Black communities. We bear witness to the devastating effects of this systematized racism, especially on the  youngest in our communities”

“In our childcare work, it is made apparent to us that raising a Black child in this racialized atmosphere is in and of itself a revolutionary undertaking, an act of defiance against a world that says there is no place for them here. For people raising white and non-Black children, bringing them up with race-consciousness is a critical step towards challenging this violence. To this end, we have begun to collect resources that are helpful in this work. This list is a living document, and we encourage you to explore it, and add to it any resources that could aid all of us in this collective journey.”

“We do this work because we believe that another world is not only possible, but coming into formation through the powerful leadership of Black organizing spaces like Black Lives Matter. It is the world that all of us long for: where all children can enjoy being children, precisely because Black communities are no longer subject to the oppression that has had such heavy impact for so long.”

In struggle and solidarity,

The Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives