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Stronger Together Fund

We are only as strong as our community is. That’s why CAAL created the Stronger Together Fund to support our communities. There are multiple reasons why Asian Minnesotans are not receiving support – among them is that reality that many Asian Minnesotan nonprofits are small, and they do not have relationships or track records with government and philanthropic funders. They may also lack capacity to respond to the many different opportunities. These barriers have made it so that many of the Asian Minnesotan communities remain invisible and thus few organizations have been unable able to garner support for the important work they are doing on the front lines of helping our most vulnerable Asian Minnesotan community members. That’s why we’re committed to making sure that organizations who are culturally and linguistically fluent are supported during this time. We are investing resources to support a broad base of these organizations and important responsive strategies across our diverse Asian Minnesotan community to make sure that we do get through this together.

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