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SEAFN | Week of Action Communications Toolkit

Southeast Asian Freedom Week of Action Communications Toolkit 

A political education and freedom campaign to end the detention and deportation of Southeast Asian migrants and refugees. 

Topline messages: 

  • The U.S. government is an agent of anti-Asian violence each time it detains and deports Southeast Asian migrants and refugees.
  • Detention and deportation are extensions of U.S. imperialism, whereby our people are continuously displaced from our homes and families by the U.S. government, as we had been in Southeast Asia.
  • Southeast Asian migrants and refugees are unconditionally deserving of dignity. The immigration system is bereft of that.
  • Detention and deportation does not create safe communities. In fact, it exacerbates violence and injustice.
  • Southeast Asian liberation is deeply intertwined with the freedom struggles of other migrants and refugees and of the Indigenous nations of the U.S. whose lands were also pillaged by the U.S.
  • Fighting anti-Blackness is a central pillar in ending the oppression of Southeast Asian people internationally.

Petition: http://bit.ly/seafreedom 
Share the toolkit: https://bit.ly/seafreedomtoolkit