A screenshot of the map of incarceration sites from Densho's Sites of Shame, 2023.

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Densho | Map of Japanese Incarceration Sites

In 2005, Densho launched Sites of Shame, which immediately became one of the most visited sections of its website. But after a decade or so, due to both changes in the technology and new information about the sites, it became clear that the original website had become increasingly outdated. In 2017, Densho received a federal Japanese American Confinement Sites grant through the National Park Service to update the site. This was followed by grants from California Civil Liberties Public Education Program and the Kip Tokuda Memorial Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program.

This new version of Sites of Shame launched in 2021. The interactive map contains information, locations, and ephemera pertaining to sites of incarceration. Users can also trace the journeys of specific families. For more information on the map and data sources, visit this link.

Learn more about the history of the incarceration at Densho.org