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Muslim women across the United States and in our local communities are severely impacted by sexual violence, while often being excluded from white-centered conversations and resources addressing the issue. Reviving Sisterhood is committed to transforming our communities into safer and more empowering spaces for survivors and their loved ones by addressing and preventing sexual violence.

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At Reviving Sisterhood, we define a survivor as any person who has experienced sexual assault, whether or not they choose to share their experience publicly. The term sexual assault refers to sexual contact or behavior that occurs without explicit consent of the victim. We use a survivor-centered model, meaning that the experiences, needs, and identities of survivors are at the core and drive the direction of all work addressing sexual violence.

Reviving Sisterhood’s approach to addressing sexual violence is survivor-centered and focused on helping in the healing journey. We provide professional resources to support survivors in their trauma, mental and physical health, legal involvement, and more.

Reviving Sisterhood offers trainings to build awareness of sexual violence, spur dialogue, and share tools for supporting survivors. We aim to provide language, resources, and other tools to help our community address sexual violence, beginning with naming and identifying it as a problem.

Reviving Sisterhood’s advocacy work includes public policy that aims to bring agency back to survivors of sexual violence. We believe and stand with survivors, taking action and mobilizing our network to support them through systems change.