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SEARAC Statement on the Death of George Floyd

“Today, we stand with communities and families across the country to condemn the death of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis on Monday after a violent police encounter. His horrific death was every bit preventable, and every bit enabled by a deeply rooted system of racial inequity, oppression, and discrimination here in the United States.”

“We encourage you to learn meaningful ways to show solidarity using some of the resources below.”

“As refugees and descendents of refugees, as survivors of war and genocide, our communities also know the devastating impacts of police force. It is incumbant on us as Southeast Asian Americans to show up for the Black community. We must acknowledge that our own paths to equity are a direct product of their historic civil rights wins and struggles, that they continue to build, as well as to endure, to this day. We must name the systems that have benefitted from having communities of color pitted against one another, and we must boldly resist them.”

Read SEARAC’s full statement here: