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Resources List for Chinese American Youth in Boston

Dear readers, We are a group of Chinese and Chinese American high school and college students working at CPA Boston.  Recently, the Black Lives Matter movement has surged in many cities of the United States. The incident started due to police violence on a black male, George Floyd, by a white police who took away the life of Floyd. Actually, the oppression on people of color has long existed in American history, the movement was not merely for this incident but the anger of people has reached a point where no more tolerance is accepted. Maybe many people do not have a specific idea on the racism that black people face, but the racism towards black people would even threaten their life. Furthermore, many people might wonder why can’t black people simply go to school and work, but in reality, society has not offered the opportunities for them. We have collected a few Chinese articles that talk about the history of the difficulties of black people, the impact of racism on their daily life. We hope that these articles could resolve some of your questions and offer new perspectives on the issue.

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大家好,我们是华人前进会青年动力项目的青少年们。我们是一群华裔移民后代高中生、大学生。近期在美国各个城市爆发的“黑人的命也是命”(Black Lives Matter)抗议。事件起因是一名黑人男子被白人警察暴力执法直至失去生命。但是其实美国社会对有色人种的压迫由来已久,抗议爆发也不单止是为了这一次的暴力执法,实在是人民的愤怒积压到了无法再忍耐的地步。也许有很多人都不能对黑人群体受到的歧视感同身受,这个社会对他们的歧视甚至会伤及他们的性命。也有很多人疑惑为什么黑人群体不可以好好读书工作,其实这个社会根本没有给他们这个机会。我们收集了几篇中文文章,其中谈及了黑人群体困难的历史,歧视渗透他们生活的影响。希望这些文章可以为读者解惑和提供新的观点。