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COVID-19 Racist Harassment Coping Guide

With the recent resurgence of xenophobic and racist attacks towards Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities, NAPAWF*NYC is here to provide resources for our friends, family members, and neighbors. As part of our continued efforts to support our communities, they’ve gathered together some tools to respond to and cope with harassment and heightened anxiety. Here, you will find a mix of resources from mental health professionals, further places to find support, and a few strategies that we use ourselves. 

Check out the resource guide here

NAPAWF*NYC builds power with members to advance human rights for AANHPI self-identified women living in New York. They believe our personal narratives inform our political activism, while also acknowledging that our political consciousness can sometimes be at odds with our upbringing and familial relationships. They have collected a list of mental health resources to help our community members work towards a future where they can show up as their full selves, not just within the NAPAWF*NYC community, but in all aspects of their lives.