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Handles of multiple ethnicities huddled together in the circle

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NPQ | Reflections on Building Resilient Organizations

In 2022, Maurice Mitchell published “Building Resilient Organizations: Toward Joy and Durable Power in a Time of Crisis.” At that same time, a multiracial, multigenerational group of over 25 coaches, consultants, and capacity builders had started meeting in response to their shared sense that internal conflicts at progressive organizations were undermining social justice; part of their work included rigorous discussion of Mitchell’s article.

In this NonProfit Quarterly article “Paving a Better Way: What’s Driving Progressive Organizations Apart and How to Win by Coming Together,” members of this meeting share their reflections, in the hope that these can help organizations, staff, and leaders apply these lessons to their own context. Other coaches, consultants, and capacity builders are also invited to sharpen their collective analysis, skillfulness, and accountability in working with organizations.