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OCA-Greater Houston Census 2020

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Every ten years, the U.S. Census counts every living person in this country. 2020 is one of those years! Every household contributes to the Census by counting each and every person, and yes, that includes newborns, living in their home by April 1, 2020. Why does this matter?

The federal government gives $675 billion a year to communities around the country. Each person counted in the Census, from your newborn to your parents, means another $15,700 for your community over the next 10 years. By participating in the Census, you are bringing tax dollars back into your community to improve your family’s life with better schools, roads, and hospitals.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see more Asian names when you vote? Through a complicated process called gerrymandering, the Asian Americans have been stripped of our political power. Every 10 years, in a process called redistricting, Asian Americans fight to increase our political power. The Census is a very important part of this.

Currently, more Asian Americans live in Houston than there are being counted. This means that tens of thousands of us in this city don’t exist! When we participate in the Census, we show the government that more Asian Americans live in cities like Houston than they think. We can use this pressure to gain more political power.

Good schools are important. Political power is important. The Census is important for both of these, and more. In 2020, Asian Americans around the country are counting on you to participate and get your family counted. COMMIT TO GETTING COUNTED TODAY:

If you or someone you know needs technology or language assistance, see our list of Census Assistance Days.