We see two women, wearing headscarves, from behind, who are embraced with their hands raised in a peace sign.

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MAF | Abolitionist V. Reforms Tool

The Muslim Abolitionist Futures (MAF) Network is working towards building a world where we all live with dignity, freedom and justice. MAF’s goal is to abolish the “Global War on Terror (GWOT).” GWOT is a system of death and destruction that exists through policies, programs, and laws that target Muslim communities, communities racialized as Muslim, and more broadly Black and Brown communities targeted under the false guise of national security.  

This tool was developed by the Muslim Abolitionist Futures Network’s Abolition and Policy Working Group that is led by Muslims for Just Futures. Muslim Abolitionist Futures is a network of grassroots organizations across the country, and is co-anchored by Muslims for Just Futures, Vigilant Love, HEART Women & Girls, and Queer Crescent. The goal of this tool is to support organizations, collectives, groups, and community members committed to moving with abolitionist values in their policy advocacy efforts. The intention is to support groups and community members discern the type of policies that expand and further entrench the Global War on Terror, and the type of policies that can move us toward its abolition. The hope is to share a framework for policy objectives and oversight demands that move us toward our collaborative vision of abolition to the “Global War on Terror.”