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Know Your Voting Rights

You can use this site to explore existing laws and pending legislation on voting rights in all 50 states.

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Voting. It’s the foundation of our democracy. But the laws governing who can vote and howwhen, and where we vote are complex and numerous and vary widely from state to state. 

The State Voting Rights Tracker by the Voting Rights Lab represents an unprecedented, multi-year effort to document and analyze voting and election laws across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Tracker also includes detailed, near-real time analysis on voting rights legislation pending across the country. 

The end result is a one-of-a-kind tool that supports policy experts, advocates, researchers, legislators and anyone on the frontlines of the voting rights movement with critical information about the laws and legislation shaping voting rights in America. 

You can explore laws and legislation by individual states (and DC) or by selecting one of the 12 issue areas we’re focused on. We’re grateful for your interest and always looking for ways to make this tool more valuable to you, our users.


Our Tracker explores pending legislation and existing state laws across 12 issue areas. 

Click here to learn more about the issues we track.


The Voting Rights Lab Bill Tracker describes each bill as “pro-voter” or “anti-voter.” These categorizations indicate whether the legislation is intended to increase voter access or whether it is intended to restrict or otherwise limit voter access. You can look to each bill’s description for a more detailed analysis. These categorizations are not meant to indicate the Voting Rights Lab’s concern with or position on a bill. In some cases, we have indicated that a bill is mostly anti- or pro-voter, though not exclusively. Because many bills cover several policy areas, we have made an effort to look at a bill’s overall impact in making these judgments. For details on how we rate the impact of each policy contained within a bill, click the bill number in the table on the main dashboard and scroll to the tags section.


The Voting Rights Lab is a campaign hub designed to supercharge the fight against voter suppression and transform our voting systems. In partnership with organizations across the country, we build winning state legislative and ballot initiative campaigns to secure, protect, and defend the voting rights of all Americans. The State Voting Rights Tracker is one way we aim to empower the voting rights sector and amplify important legislative and campaign work happening in states across the country. To learn more about our organization, visit


If you have any questions about the State Voting Rights Tracker or need technical assistance, please contact us at [email protected]. For general inquiries about the Voting Rights Lab, please contact us at [email protected].