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Ideas to Action Guide

From Up With Community – This field guide presents seven pathways designed to help teams on their journeys of learning and transformation. Each pathway is goal-oriented, packed with tools to help you and your team. To dive in, select the pathway that matches your goal and choose a concept. You can also use the search bar or reach out to us at [email protected].

Access the Ideas to Action Guide and find resources here

This field guide is not a walk through of a linear process. Rather it is a mapping of the terrain, the larger landscape of diverse paths for adult learning. We are cataloguing the different types of animals, trees, soils, and climate that you can encounter when embarking on a learning journey. We also map different iterative and interconnected paths you could walk to prepare for longer treks or deeper transformations.

Up With Community created the Ideas to Action Field Guide, an organized collection of carefully selected tools and resources, to help teams successfully activate new ideas and knowledge. We find that when used in isolation, these tools are rarely effective; teams often need to follow one or more of the seven different pathways in order to achieve the desired outcome or action. That is why we have organized the resources we find useful into these pathways. Tools within each pathway build on and compliment each other and can often support learning across channels.

We hope the reflections and resources shared here can serve the fight for Black lives and build justice with Black communities. Join or donate to the movement for Black lives and visit Racial Equity Tools for more resources.