A New Yorker illustration showing a young asian woman looking in the mirror with a stroller behind her

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‘I Felt Like We Are All Chinese — We Can Take Care of Each Other’ Nannies open up about the Asian class divide

Asians and Pacific Islanders belong to the most economically divided racial group in America, and the need for child care often brings together members from the top and bottom of the ladder. White-collar Chinese Americans might employ care workers from the Philippines or China; Indian American families, among the wealthiest ethnic groups in the country, might hire domestic workers from Nepal, one the poorest countries in South Asia. Perhaps nowhere is the tension between the diverse experiences of being Asian American more evident than in these households. We spoke to five Asian immigrant nannies and au pairs (all of whom requested that we use pseudonyms) living in the New York area to find out how — if at all — their relationships with their employers changed over the past two years.

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