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How to Organize Asian Americans – Notes from Two Generations

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How to Organize Asian Americans – Notes from Two Generations – By: Rinku Sen

“Organize your people for affordable housing, fair wages, better schools, correct data, reproductive health, real sex education, enough public transportation, brighter street lights, a deportation moratorium, family unification, clean water, clean air, clean soil, bigger parks, youth programs, elder programs, breastfeeding programs, health insurance for all, net neutrality, more public libraries, more grocery stores, more childcare, a union contract or a new community center. Organize them for anything they want, as long as it doesn’t damage any other community”

“Organize the old ones, the young ones, the middle-aged ones, the female ones, the male ones, the gender non-conforming ones, the queer ones, the straight ones, the fifth generation ones, the fresh-off-the-boat ones, the ones that are afraid, the ones that aren’t. Organize the athletic ones, the nerdy ones, the sexy ones, the shy ones, the ones with crutches, the ones in wheelchairs, the funny ones, the stylish ones, the dorky ones, the working ones, the jobless ones, the rich ones, the imprisoned ones, the musical ones, the dancing ones, the literary ones, the cinematic ones. Organize the too-loud ones and the too-quiet ones”

“Make a mighty commotion.  Build actual power.”

“Become Asian American.”