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Free Race-Class Academy Training Toolkit

In this most critical time, we’re excited to share these free resources explaining how we can build a multi-racial progressive democracy. These 12 short videos and accompanying discussion guides make race-class fusion politics more accessible and more teachable.

Race-class is a paradigm shift. It’s a paradigm shift (1) in promoting unfamiliar ways of thinking about race and class that can be internalized only with practice, and (2) insofar as it requires early adopters to proactively propagate┬áthese insurgent ideas.

Our hope is that individuals, teachers, and organizations will find this curriculum helpful in their own efforts to foster a multi-racial progressive democracy. Please feel free to use and/or to adapt these resources as you find most helpful, with our only request being that you provide credit and a link to the original source (

Explore the website and their educational guides and videos here