Two people are laying on their sides, heads resting on their hands as they stare at the camera. They are surrounded by the words "Feeling Asian: Youngmi Mayer and Brian Park"

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Feeling Asian | Asian-American Studies 201

Feeling Asian is a weekly podcast hosted by Youngmi Mayer and Brian Park, two Asian Americans with plenty of feelings about sex, dating, survival, self-worth, and everything in between. Named a top podcast of 2021 by CNN and featured on Apple and Spotify’s homepages, Feeling Asian offers a healthy and compassionate space for Asians, Asian Americans, and Asians in America to be themselves without feeling as if their time is a fleeting moment. New episodes are released every Wednesday.

This episode features guests Dr. Russell Jeung (Professor at San Francisco State University, Founder of Stop AAPI Hate) and Anuradha Vikram (Curator and Faculty at UCLA, Co-Founder of Stop DiscriminAsian), who speak to event or timeline in Asian American history that has become misunderstood or revised along the way.