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A group of protestors march holding a banner. A few hold their phones raised, and the screens show the image of a lock. One protestor raises their fist in solidarity.

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Equality Labs | Anti-Doxing Guide for Activists

Equality Labs is a transnational South Asian feminist organization working at the cutting-edge intersections of organizing, art, and digital security to end caste apartheid, gender-based violence, Islamophobia, and religious intolerance. It is composed of artists, advocates, healers, technologists and organizers working on intractable systems of oppression through a collaborative solution-making model for movements.

Since Equality Labs published its first anti-doxing guide in 2017, the practice of doxing has evolved dramatically. Its team team wanted to revisit this topic and give communities the opportunity to take digital security into their own hands. Equity Labs hope that this guide will encourage and prepare you to build a comprehensive safety plan within your communities.

It has created this anti-doxing guide to support activists around the world who may be targeted for resisting white supremacy, Islamophobia, casteism, antisemitism, anti-LGBTQ+ harassment, or any form of authoritarianism.

Read the guide below, and see its website for more research and publications.