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E Iho ana ‘o Luna E Pi’i ana ‘o Lalo

“Pacific Islanders to the front! The work in defense of our Black ‘ohana (family) is lifelong. For today’s action demand from the Movement 4 Black Lives being “We demand community control”, they suggested that folks hold a virtual conversation about self-governance: so that’s what’s happening tonight”

“We are super excited to have Jamaica Osorio join us today and we hope you can join us as we re-connect to not only our indigenous history of community control and self-governance, but also as we discuss how the history of Black liberation has intimately informed and impacted our fights for liberation in Oceania”

“The world we need will be led by how we have always taken care of our communities. If we’re moving away from depending on the state, law enforcement, and institutions: then it’s gonna be us. Taking care of each other and each other’s communities, health, and futures”

This event was recorded live on June 4, 2020. You can view the recorded video on Empowering Pacific Islander Communities’s Facebook page here:


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