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Democracy is Indigenous Newsletter #4

For the fourth issue of the Democracy in Indigenous Newsletter, the National Urban Indian Family Coalition (NUIFC) wants to showcase the work of three centers in Nevada, Colorado, and Missouri. These centers are connecting with the community with a foundational organizing strategy; by offering food and art for the community and building upon the institutional trust they have. Subscribe to their newsletter by navigating to the website provided above.

What is the Democracy is Indigenous Newsletter?

With the most consequential election of our lives 18 days away, the NUIFC wants to take some time each week to share the work our Cohort is doing to make history. This newsletter will be a space to uplift the grassroots work our partner organizations are doing during the most ambitious Urban Indian Get Out the Vote campaign in history. The NUIFC look forward to bringing this inspiring work right to your inbox every week.

The Native Vote Can Define The Future

Register for the Democracy is Indigenous Newsletter on the National Urban Indian Family Coalition website here.