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Culture Surge’s Mission
We believe that artists and culture makers are the visionary leaders needed to galvanize us towards a future rooted in justice, care, and connection. During this pivotal election year and unprecedented public health crisis, Culture Surge will provide the coordination, resources and direction to maximize the collective impact of cultural influencers, artists, strategists, and movement leaders.

About Culture Surge

With over two dozen members and organizations, Culture Surge is a broad coalition of change makers working together in this vital moment for the survival of our communities, our democracy, and our shared future. We are artists from every sector and strata. We are from historically marginalized communities, we are cultural influencers, Hollywood decision-makers, and electoral strategists. We are led and driven by the needs and voices of women of color, we center the vision of artists, and we work in close partnership with frontline social justice groups.

The coronavirus pandemic is reshaping how we take civic engagement. There is palpable urgency and momentum toward transforming national narratives about how we vote, how we show up for each other in times of crisis, and how structural inequities must be addressed. The stakes are too high to work in silos. It’s crucial that we come together to align our values and our narrative approach. Culture Surge serves as a nexus for influencers, artists, and cultural strategists who can breathe life, hope, and representation into our civic efforts.

We connect change makers to key narratives across issues and campaigns, including voting access campaigns, COVID-19 response work, and we coordinate resources and advising to maximize the impact of culture-driven initiatives to lead to concrete change. Culture Surge’s powerful coalition allows us to combine the skills to imagine a new future, broaden minds and inspire hearts, with on-the-ground partners in pivotal regions across the country.


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