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CAAAV’s #CancelRent Fund: The Revolution Starts at Home

CAAAV’s #CancelRent Fund will organize and support CAAAV members to take collective action against real estate, big landlords and against Governor Cuomo. CAAAV has been organizing working-class Asian immigrant tenants for over 15 years. Now is the moment to leverage all the power that we’ve built over the last decade and a half. Crises create openings to win big material and cultural change. Things are possible today that weren’t possible even one month ago. We have been fighting for a #HomesGuarantee for years. Now that millions of renters across the US are at risk of losing their housing, there is an opening to win safe, healthy and guaranteed homes for all of us – to win housing as a human right. Will you stand with working-class Asian immigrants and donate to CAAAV’s #CancelRent Fund?

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