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A still of a historical photo from CAA's documentary Block by Block featuring two elders seated on school desks with open workbooks while their classmates, also elders, are writing in their books.

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CAA | Documentary on Advancing Education Equity in San Francisco’s Chinatown

Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) has a long and storied history of advancing education equity for low-income, working class, and immigrant students. CAA is now announcing their new short documentary Block by Block: The Struggle to Bring Community College to San Francisco ChinatownThis documentary constitutes the first activity of the CAA Oral History Project in collaboration with UC Berkeley Asian American Research Center and Ethnic Studies Library.

Read more about it here.

In-person public and private showings of Block by Block are currently being scheduled and if you’d like updates as they are available, or to consider hosting a screening, please fill out this form.  

Watch the trailer below.