A Los Angeles government building overlayed a black background with vocal waves

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Behind Closed Doors Part 1: How the Los Angeles City Council Recording is a Case Study in the Exercise of Political Power through Racism in the U.S.Behind Closed Doors

Part one in an all-new webinar series to explore the entrenchment of racism in U.S. politics, and its impact on political power and representation in communities.  

Titled “Behind Closed Doors,” the webinar series is being hosted by the USC Price School and its Center for Inclusive Democracy,  the California Black Freedom Fund, the Latino Community Foundation, and the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund.

The moderated sessions will serve as a public space for open and challenging conversations examining the nation’s entrenched relationship between racism and politics, a situation recently brought further into the spotlight by the secret recording of a meeting of Los Angeles City Council members making racist remarks.  

“The leaked recording in Los Angeles was just the tip of an ever-present iceberg, providing a very public example of just how deeply rooted racism is in our electoral system and overall power structures,” said CID Director Mindy Romero. “It’s time to have more candid, elevated and open discussions about these realities and what can be done to meaningly address them moving forward.”  

View the full recording below: