An image from the cover of "The Deciding Margin" report, with protestors who are holding signs reading "Not Your Model Minority" and "Stop Asian Hate"

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ATJ | The Deciding Margin: How AAPI Voters Will Shape the Future of Texas

Recognizing the potential power of AAPI voters – the fastest-growing electorate in the country – Asian Texans for Justice (ATJ) commissioned a polling project, the first of its kind from a Texas-based AAPI organization, designed to better understand AAPI voters’ political views and policy preferences. Given the size of the Texas AAPI population as the third highest nationally, this project is also an opportunity to elevate the profile of AAPI voters across the United States.

In summer 2022, 2700 likely Texas voters, of which 660 were AAPI voters, in the November 2022 midterm election were surveyed by Change Research, an organization with the mission to provide polling and strategy to organizations and campaigns that share our vision for a more humane, scientific, and just world. Unless otherwise noted, the findings in this report are based on the polling data from Change Research.

The purpose of this report is to provide insights from that poll to better inform political candidates, policymakers, organizers, media sources, and the general public about AAPI voters and the importance they play in Texas policy and politics. The data are clear: AAPI voters in Texas are diverse, younger than the general population, dissatisfied with their current representation, and motivated to vote.

Read the report below, and access the one pager, poll topline overview, and crosstabs at this link.