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APM Research Lab | MN’s Diverse Communities: Perceptions of Policing

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin while in police custody. His death was a catalyst for large-scale protests throughout Minnesota and far beyond that lead to renewed scrutiny of how the state’s police interact with people of color and calls for broad transformation to policing and the criminal justice system. But it was a moment that made clear, too, that not all Minnesotans experience the same Minnesota.

This report is the first of several APM Research Lab will issue in coming weeks from the Minnesota’s Diverse Communities Survey, conducted from April 26 to June 14, 2021, in close proximity to the much-publicized trial of Derek Chauvin, which concluded on April 20th. Among other topics, the survey asked Minnesotans about their attitudes toward and experiences with the state’s police force and criminal justice system. Findings from this part of the survey are summarized below with additional detail available in a longer report on the subject.

Click here to access the report, graphics drawn from the survey, key findings, and to leave a comment.