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Adhikaar | COVID-19 Community Response

One after another, crises and the government’s (lack of) response to the crisis continues to have grave consequences for our members who are immigrants and workers of color. A vast majority of our community members live in Queens, which is the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Day after day we are responding to this crisis.

Adhikaar has shifted to respond to COVID-19 crisis in Queens. In early March, the organization created a four-part crisis response plan based on thousands of calls made to our members:

  • Direct relief & services
  • Community education
  • Campaigns & advocacy
  • Organizing

Read more about Adhikaar’s COVID-19 Community Response here

Our worker members are in essential and low-wage industries and are working in the frontlines as domestic workers, Uber/Lyft drivers, grocery store workers, delivery services, restaurant workers, and healthcare workers. Many are also unable to go to work and are not eligible for any of the federal relief packages or unemployment from the state. And many live in some of the hardest-hit zip codes in the country. This crisis demonstrates the harrowing realities of our current social and economic systems and the way it affects those that are extremely vulnerable.