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AAAJ-ATL | Growing Asian American Voter Power and Pushback

Published by Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Atlanta (AAAJ-Atlanta) and written by its Director of Policy Advocacy, Jennifer Lee, this report discusses the growth of AAPI communities in Georgia and the corresponding increase in turnout as well as the impact of Senate Bill 202, which was passed by the Georgia legislature after the 2020 amendment.

Senate Bill 202 has created notable provisions which have created barriers and burdens to absentee voting. Among the findings shared in the report:

  • Georgia‚Äôs AAPI population grew by 48 percent in ten years.
  • Between 2018 and 2022, turnout rates among AAPI voters increased by seven percentage points.
  • SB 202 created new restrictions on absentee voting that disproportionately harms AAPI voters, who were more than twice as likely as white voters to vote by mail.
  • SB 202 reduced the time to request an absentee ballot and eliminated absentee ballot dropbox locations where most AAPI voters live.
  • Asian-Americans experienced the steepest decline in absentee voting rates and are more than twice as likely than white voters to have their absentee ballots rejected.

Read the report below, which includes an analysis on Georgia’s growing AAPI population, the specific impacts of SB 202 on AAPI communities, and AAAJ-Atlanta’s policy recommendations.