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Direct Services

These organizations provide a range of community services and may be able to support you. In this section, organizations are listed if they provide direct services on an individual basis, such as rent relief or naturalization. Direct services are distinct from other types of services for communities, such as workshops or trainings. Information and referrals to third-party resources are not considered direct services.

NOTE: The AAPI Civic Engagement Fund provides support to additional community groups who may offer other types of services, such as advocacy and leadership building, but are not considered direct services and are thus not listed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of answers to help you navigate and understand this tool.

1. How are the organizations vetted to be on this list?

We attempted to make sure that all known sites that collect incident reports of hate are listed. The Direct Services organizations are groups that the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund supports and is not an exhaustive list of available local direct organizations.