Chinatown Vote Project

Chinatown Vote volunteers have supported thousands of new and non-English proficient citizens to get-out-to-vote. Through the Chinatown Vote project, we strive to reframe voting from a one-day action to a long-term project that involves day-in and day-out engagement with community

VietLead Community Resources

VietLead has put together a Community Resources page containing information and videos regarding voter registration, mail-in and absentee ballots, COVID-19 information in Vietnamese, unemployment compensation, and the 2020 Census for individuals in Philadelphia. Check out the Community Resources page here

COVID-19 Response

Read about VietLead’s COVID-19 Response and their resources/assistance As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the U.S. in early March, and Philadelphia and South Jersey became hot spots, VietLead realized our working-class, Southeast Asian immigrant communities were getting sick from coronavirus while