APEN: Get Your Community Ready and Resourced for Fire Season

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APEN: It’s fire season and this year, we’re facing one of the worst droughts in California’s historyFires are already blazing in some parts of the state and we’re once again preparing for mass power shutoffs.

Here are 5 things you can do to make sure your community is ready and resourced for this year’s fire season

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APEN: I know what it’s like to leave your country to escape war. We need to do everything we can to support Afghan refugees.

APEN: In response to recent events in Afghanistan, we are sharing this statement below by Torm Nompraseurt, APEN’s Senior Community Organizer and one of APEN’s founders, who has been a community leader in Richmond’s Southeast Asian refugee community for decades. We asked Torm to share his experience as a refugee in the 1970s —not to distract from the challenges that Afghan refugees face today, but to remind us that our own histories can guide us toward solidarity.

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Oakland Unified School District Lesson Plan Ideas

To decrease bullying and prevent incidents of anti-Asian discrimination, educators and families can play a critical role in helping young people understand the history and context for anti-Asian racism in the United States and around the world that has flared up due to COVID-19 first known in China.

See Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell’s statements on anti-Asian violence:

Here are some resources and ideas for lesson plans we’ve compiled to use with your students:

Curriculum Resource Guide for Elementary Schools

Curriculum Resource Guide for Middle & High Schools

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Communities Rally Against Anti-Asian Violence

“Love Our People, Heal Our Communities” Cross-Cultural Healing Events took place in Oakland and San Francisco

San Francisco & Oakland, CA — “In response to the recent surge in COVID-19 related violence against Asian American communities throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the Coalition for Community Safety and Justice (CCSJ) in San Francisco joined forces with a coalition of organizations in Oakland to organize two parallel Days of Action this past weekend, both entitled “Love Our People, Heal Our Communities.”

On the first weekend of the Lunar New Year, and a few days after more than 70 Asian American organizations issued a press statement condemning the violence, these two events brought together a multiracial and multigenerational coalition to stand against racism, xenophobia, and violence, and to offer space for healing the grief and pain that Asian communities feel in light of recent events.

Together, they called for community-centered solutions to keep diverse communities safe. These include culturally-competent multilingual victim services, cross-racial education and dialogue, prevention-based programs (such as community patrols), and more.”

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  • Asian Organizations Across the Bay Area Join Forces to Demand Action Against Violence: Click here for more information.
    Yamuna Hopwood, Communications Manager; 415-274-6760 x319 (English); Jin Xia Niu, Chinese Language Media Specialist; 415-274-6760 x313 (English, Mandarin)
  • For those who wish to contribute to victims and survivors, please visit here.
  • CAA Responds to the Attacks in Atlanta Area

Both the Oakland and San Francisco events were also live-streamed to Facebook with ASL interpretation, where more than 300 people tuned in. The Oakland event can be viewed here and the San Francisco event here.


Oakland Evictions Moratorium FAQ

Oakland, California Evictions Moratorium Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) such as: What is the Oakland Evictions Moratorium?  Who Does the Oakland Moratorium Apply To? How Does the Evictions Moratorium Work? How Long Does the Eviction Moratorium Last? I Can’t Pay Rent Right Now – How Does the Moratorium Work for Me? Who Can I Contact in Oakland for Help If My Landlord Is Still Trying to Evict Me?

Available to read in English and Chinese

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Getting Through COVID-19 Together

Filipino Advocates for Justice has put together a COVID-19 resources page on topics such as Bay Area health and community resources, AAPI specific COVID-19 resources, Tagalog resources, employment, food resources, resources for undocumented communities, and more. Visit the page here: