Creative Catalyst:
2020 Voting Together

In 2020, the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund commissioned local AAPI artists to create thirteen different digital art pieces to encourage the AAPI community to turn out for this election cycle. The #VotingTogether Artist Open Call was produced in conjunction with the organization Culture Surge.

Art is a powerful tool to move the hearts and minds of people to take action and turn out to vote on Election Day. The artists created on the theme of “Care: The AAPI community leads by caring about each other. How will your vote on November 3rd show how you are caring for our community?” In response, the artists made illustrated graphics to songs to dance videos to TikTok videos – all the encourage the AAPI community that we need to be voting together. The various artwork is available bilingually and in-culture for the Vietnamese, Chinese, Hmong, South Asian, Sikh communities and more. 

See below for all projects.

Bianca Ng | Show Up for Future Generations
Tori Hong | Abolitionist Elder
TK Dinh | Vote For Our Families’ Dignity, Unity, and Joy
Cindy Shih | Cultivate, Take Root, VOTE, Grow Stronger
Do Nguyen Mai | My mother calls me to remind me to vote

Access the poem on a Google Doc here.

Sonia Rao
Huab Moua
Home for Everyone
Aparna Sindhoor
The Vote Dance
Hena Ashraf
South Asians #Voting Together
Salvin Chahal
The Sikh Vote
Leilani Chan
Masters of the Currents Coconut Wireless: Voting Together
Part 1
Part 2
Madhavi Reddi
#VotingTogether: Digital Scrapbook
Ova Saopeng
Green Thumb Refugees: Voting Together