In support of a Pro-Black narrative

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others have drawn in AAPI groups to participate in the uprisings and probe further into the practice of radical solidarity and addressing anti-Blackness in their communities. These actions include: Empowering Pacific

Addressing anti-Asian racism and xenophobia

AAPI communities are contending with COVID inspired racial slurs and acts of violence spurred by the government’s framing of the virus as a “Chinese” foreign enemy. A number of AAPI groups such as Chinese for Affirmative Action in California, Cia

AAPI community groups rise to the challenge

AAPI groups across the country have responded rapidly to the new and changing needs of the community. Here are some examples: Changing tactics – COVID-19 struck as many non profits were about to kick off their 2020 Census outreach activities.

Existing vulnerabilities and intersecting crises

COVID-19 has exacerbated and exposed longstanding inequalities across a range of systems as well as brought to the forefront the enduring plague of racism and xenophobia. For example, in the area of health care, 1 in 10 Native Hawaiians and