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Support Workers’ Rights and Labor Organizing

As workers are standing up for their benefits and rights, various community organizations have been advocating for immigrant, essential, and/or excluded workers during the pandemic and the pandemic recovery. Read more about some of the campaigns and news on workers’ rights and labor organizing coming from our Shared Liberation Network Partners and how you can get involved below:

DRUM – Desis Rising Up & Moving will continue the fight to fully Fund Excluded Workers! Thousands of eligible New Yorkers are being shut out from the fund. NY must boost the fund. Stay connected to organizations like DRUM to join the fight and stay informed about next steps.  In the News: New York Set Aside $2.1 Billion for Undocumented Workers. It Isn’t Enough – DRUM leader Afshana was featured in NYT article about the Excluded Workers Fund. Excluded workers like Afshana who have been shut out from the fund they fought for are calling on Governor Kathy Hochul to expand the fund by $3 billion! The Fund Excluded Workers Coalition is calling on Gov. Hochul and NYS Legislature to add $3 billion to the fund to cover workers who have been shut out from the fund. Visit their Excluded Workers Fund Resource page for more information.

Justice for Muslims Collective – Muslim Immigrant Workers of Washington, DC Exihibit –  Muslim immigrant workers are essential workers who remain an integral part of the backbone of Washington, D.C. In late 2020 and early 2021, we conducted oral and visual histories of five Muslim immigrant workers through the DC Oral History Collaborative for inclusion in the city’s official records. These interviews focus on how the workers are treated at their workplace, the obstacles and discrimination they face, and their journeys of joining and participating in labor movements. We have excerpted passages from these interviews and organized them into the following exhibit themes. Please continue supporting Muslim workers by considering a donation to the Muslim Workers Fund. The fund provides direct support to community members in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area who were directly impacted by COVID-19. With your contribution, the fund is able to continue its mission to serve our essential workers in their time of need.  

JMC COVID 19 Townhall with Workers – JMC also held their first public event and townhall on the impact of COVID19 on Muslim communities based on their report on the impact of COVID19 that you can read here. During the townhall, they discussed the findings from the report, heard from community members, and shared information about their new fund that is open for essential workers here.

Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) is a nonprofit that educates, organizes and empowers the low-income and working class immigrant Chinese community in San Francisco to demand better living and working conditions and justice for all people. CPA has been organizing with workers in San Francisco’s Chinese immigrant community since the 1970s. CPA’s Tenant Worker Center programs include wage theft case support, hospitality job training program, community education and outreach, grassroots leadership development and policy advocacy. Read about how workers at a popular Chinatown restaurant won $1.61 Million in a massive wage theft settlement.

Southeast Asian Freedom Network – SEAFN – Last week (AUGUST 2021), the Senate approved a $3.5 billion budget resolution that included a pathway to citizenship for dreamers, farmworkers, TPS holders and essential workers. As the budget reconciliation moves forward, we must make sure we reject any criminalization of our communities.