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Demand That President Biden and DHS Lift Sanctions on Laos and Cambodia

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“In order to #StopAsianHate, we have to hold to account the way the government enacts anti-Asian violence through deportation. Anti-Asian violence isn’t just between individuals, it’s ingrained in how our country is governed. #seafreedom #stopseadeportation.”

Join the Coalition of Asian American Leaders and their partners with the Southeast Asian Deportation Defense Network (SEADDN) in calling for urgent action to end the deportation of Southeast Asian families by signing this petition demanding that visa sanctions against Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos be removed. Sign this petition to demand that President Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas lift all visa sanctions:

There is currently one immigration ban still in effect from the Trump Administration – the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) visa sanctions against Laos that prevent all forms of immigration to the United States from that country. The DHS sanctions keep war torn families apart and perpetuate violence against refugees and immigrants. Between 2016 and 2019, DHS placed visa sanctions on Laos, Cambodia, Eritrea, and Burundi, and other primarily Southeast Asian and African countries because they refused to bow to pressure from the Trump Administration to fully accept deportations.

Over 2,000 Southeast Asian refugees have been deported from the United States since 1998. After Donald Trump’s election, deportations of Southeast Asians drastically increased, with Cambodian removals seeing a 279% increase between 2017 and 2018. The removals are the direct result of visa sanctions placed on these countries by the Department of Homeland Security. Despite the change in presidency, these harmful sanctions are still being implemented by the State Department on the behest of DHS. This has devastated communities who have survived U.S. backed wars, violence, and genocide and face poverty, incarceration, and now, deportation while living in this country.

Despite public requests for the Biden Administration to lift the sanctions, they remain in place. These Trump era bullying tactics and efforts to deport refugees and immigrants  must be stopped, and President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas must not continue to implement Trumpian policies that perpetuate violence against our communities.

Join us and demand President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas lift all DHS visa sanctions, end harm against refugees and immigrants through these sanctions, and allow Laotian families to reunite. Sign the petition today and demand an end to this injustice.