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SEAFN: Tell VICE and Matt Loughrey to STOP

These are our demands for VICE News, Loughrey, and McPhail:

  • Matt Loughrey must immediately stop this project, discontinue all plans to exhibit them, and remove all images from digital media.
  • Matt Loughrey and his business must give all proceeds and profits made from the photos to historical preservation efforts in Cambodia like the Tuol Sleng Museum, the Document Center of Cambodia, and the Bophana Center.
  • VICE News must not only take down the article, but issue an apology to the public and to the Cambodian people.
  • VICE News must work with community organizations to publish a series of articles and videos about issues directly impacting our communities – such as Southeast Asian deportations and detentions, all the ways our communities are building community and power in our healing, and more.

We request a meeting with the editors of VICE to address more of our concerns.

Sign on to this petition to demand VICE News, Loughrey and McPhail end their anti-Asian violence now.

“No one gets to tell us we are human. We were human before you waged war on our countries. We don’t need white supremacy to humanize us, we need them to hold their governments accountable for their atrocities in Southeast Asia and many other countries around the world. We continue to be displaced, we continue to be separated by deportation. They don’t get to kill us and then re-traumatize us over and over again. This is anti Asian violence and it is cruel. And this stops now.” – Chhaya Chhoum, SEAFN co-founder and Mekong NYC director.