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Action Alert: Sign Constituent Letter of Support for HF 1691/ SF 2003


Our government must pass bold reforms that address this issue so we can accurately count and combat hate in our state. Communities Combating Hate have momentum to make system-wide change to better combat hate in MN. On 3/26/2021, HF 1691 passed out of it’s second MN House committee!

HF 1691/SF 2003 would:

1. Close loopholes that misclassify hateful incidents.

2. Allow victims to report hate incidents to non-law enforcement entities, like community organizations and the MN Department of Human Rights.

3. Provide support for the victims of hate crimes.

Take Action Now by contacting your representatives to take immediate action to combat hate in Minnesota.

In case you missed the press conference with AAL to pass this legislation in MN: