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Complete your census by October 15th, 2020

On October 13, 2020, the US Supreme Court granted the Trump Administration’s request to suspend a lower court order that ordered the Census Bureau to continue the count through Oct. 31. The ruling also allows the Census Bureau to proceed with delivery of apportionment data by the original Dec. 31 deadline, even though Census Bureau officials themselves requested a 120-day extension earlier this year.

Yesterday’s decision is just the latest in a string of legal updates and Census Bureau announcements that have kept community organizations and civil rights advocates searching for clarity on census operations. Following the ruling, the Census Bureau announced they will be ending field data collection operations tomorrow, Oct 15. With less than 48 hours left, SEARAC encourages community members to make sure your loved ones and community members are counted in this once-a-decade event.

“Rather than allow the Census Bureau optimal time to conduct a complete count, the Supreme Court has granted the Trump Administration a truncated timeline that risks missing Southeast Asian Americans and other historically undercounted communities,” said Katrina Dizon Mariategue, acting executive director of SEARAC. “Our efforts to fight for an accurate count continue, and yesterday’s ruling underscores the crucial role that Congress can play to prevent rushed processes and inaccurate data by pushing back reporting deadlines. We urge lawmakers to move quickly and pass legislation that will provide sufficient time for data processing and quality assurance of the census data, which will impact our communities for the next decade.”

Complete your census by 11:59pm HDT on Thursday, Oct. 15 at


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