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Challenging the Primary Ballot Initiative in Florida

A proposed constitutional amendment on Florida’s Nov. 3 ballot would create an open-primaries system of voting. Amendment 3 would change Florida’s primary elections for state legislators, the governor and lieutenant governor, and elected cabinet members from a closed election to a top-two open primary. This system would create a disadvantage for certain communities of the electorate. 

Having drawn opposition from both Democrats and Republicans, the Florida Legislative Black Caucus and a non-profit group drew attention to how the amendment would diminish the impact of Black voters and minority representation in the Florida House and Senate as it, “would give a disproportionate amount of power to primary voters and special interests while diminishing the ability of political parties to put forward candidates.” On October 13, 2020, the amendment faced a legal challenge with a petition filed with the Florida Supreme Court urging the Florida Secretary of State to not to certify the votes on Amendment 3.

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