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Public Charge Update

Public Charge: The Trump administration’s proposed Public Charge rule would make it easier for the federal government to deny legal status to immigrants who might apply for public assistance, an exclusionary regulation intended to create a defacto legal wall to keep immigrants out and rig the system against children, elders, people who are lower income, limited English and those who have medical conditions or with disabilities. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southern District of New York (SDNY) just ruled for a temporary nationwide injunction halting the enforcement of Public Charge as, “actions taken by the federal government were not enough to ensure that immigrants, wary of federal immigration actions, would not be dissuaded from seeking medical care” (read more about the injunction here). Learn more about how to get involved here:

Read Chinese for Affirmative Action’s Press Release on Federal Judge George B. Daniels’s decision to halt the implementation of expanded Public Charge rules. Annette Wong, Director of Programs at CAA reflected, “Trump’s public charge policies are inhumane and indecent, relegating immigrants into the shadows and fearful of immigration consequences when accessing public benefits. Rather than addressing the health crisis, the Trump administration has continued to use the pandemic as an opportunity to scapegoat and exclude immigrants.” Community members who have questions about how you might be impacted by public charge are encouraged to contact CAA’s Immigrant Rights program at 415.761.3222 for general inquiry and legal referrals. For more information on what is Public Charge, how it is determined, and key points you should know, please refer to Chinese for Affirmative Action’s document here: