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2020 Census and Voter Registration

Ranging from local to national efforts to increase civic engagement within and representation for AANHPI communities across the country, many of our network partners have initiated their own campaigns and mobilization efforts to engage and encourage political participation through the 2020 Census and voter registration for the November elections.

Rising Voices for Asian American Families has been providing information on the 2020 Census and encouraging communities in Michigan to complete the census through their 2020 Census Pledge. Now more than ever, it is glaringly obvious how important it is for our communities to be visible and accurately counted. The availability of culturally competent medical services and public health information and updates is informed by the data that the census aims to capture. Take action and get counted today, for our communities’ fair share of funding, resources, and representation! Remind your family, friends, and loved ones to fill out their census (online, by phone, or by mail) and for them to inform their networks. The census is available to be completed in 13 different languages, and census language guides are available in both video and print form in 59 non-English languages. More information on 2020 Census guidelines and resources can be found here.

North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) is committed to raising the visibility and voice of the AANHPI population in North Carolina through building up and motivating an electorate throughout the state. More work needs to be done to bridge the gap between registered voters and the voting-eligible population in AANHPI communities. One key way they achieve this goal is through voter registration drives conducted in communities with high AANHPI populations with the help of volunteers, particularly individuals from the local AANHPI communities. Read more about how NCAAT actively engages with communities to amplify their voices and join their effort to increase AANHPI representation and voice in North Carolina!